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To celebrate Earth Day, Philips is offering its new $5 LED bulbs for just $2.50 apiece

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Just in time for Earth Day, Philips has unveiled its most affordable LED light bulb to date — a 60W replacement LED bulb that costs just under five dollars. At that price, these are the cheapest 60W LED bulb on the market — and you can get them for even less if you act fast.

As part of a special Earth Day promotion, Philips has teamed up with Home Depot to make the new bulbs available in a 2-for-1 pack for the first 90 days (while supplies last) — meaning you can get your hands on these bulbs for under $2.50 apiece if you act fast. The bulbs are currently available on, and are expected to hit physical store shelves sometime in early May.

Philips 60W A19_2RelatedCree just released a smart bulb that only costs 15 bucks

Despite the super-low price, the new bulbs boast pretty impressive specs. Running on just 8.5 watts of power, each A19-style bulb is capable of spitting out 800 lumens, and will last about ten years under regular use. They’re also designed with a shatterproof casing, and come in both 2700K (warm) and 5000K (cool) color temperatures.

Philips estimates that with these specs, each bulb will cost an estimated $1.02 per year to run, and will save consumers over $62 in energy-related expenses over the course of its life. If you haven’t already made the switch to LED bulbs in your home, now would be a good time to take the plunge.

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