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Get up to 26% off Dabbsson portable power solutions to light up your holidays

Dabbsson portable power station black friday deals

Black Friday and Cyber Week deals are here, early or right on time, you decide. Joining in the fun is Dabbsson, a purveyor of reliable portable power solutions that just may change your holidays. How? Well, you’ll be able to power up just about anything, even if there are winter outages. Right now, you can enjoy up to 26% off Dabbsson’s best portable power stations and more. As always, your best option is going to be to head over and browse the sale yourself, but we’ve called out a few of the best deals below.

DBS2300 portable power station — $1,179, was $1,599

Dabbsson DBS2300 portable power station product image

With a base capacity of 2,330 watt-hours, expandable up to 8,330 watt-hours, this EV semi-solid-state LiFePO4 battery solar generator is excellent for camping, outdoor adventures, as a home backup, and for emergencies. The Black Friday discount is one of legend.

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DBS2300 Plus portable power station — $1,299, was $1,799

Dabbsson DBS2300 Plus portable power station product image

This 2,330-watt-hour EV semi-solid-state LiFePO4 battery portable power station supports up to a maximum capacity of 16,600 watt-hours with the right expansion batteries and can be paralleled to 4,000 watts of AC output. That’s insane. But it also features four 2,200-watt AC outlets for powering even most appliances. It’s a solid starter if you don’t already own a power station, but you’ll definitely want to pick up some solar panels, too, while you’re at it. You’ll also get a free parallel connector if you buy two.

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DBS1300 portable power station — $699, was $899

Dabbsson DBS1300 portable power station

This 1,330-watt-hour portable power station is more portable than some of the others due to its size alone. It can be paralleled to 2,000 watts of AC output. You can expand the capacity up to 9,400 watt-hours if you need to sustain more power. Plus, get a free parallel connector when you purchase two together.

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More Dabbsson portable power Black Friday deals to shop

Dabbsson DBS2300 portable power station lifestyle image

Of course, there are a ton of other deals worth checking out, too, if you want something at a different price point or with a different power capacity. Here’s the shortlist:

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