Discovery WineStation is like an adults-only fountain soda machine

Discovery WineStation Dacor

Wine aerating, breathing, decanting, fermenting – unless you’re a true wine connoisseur, these may sound like a bunch of gibberish. If you’re like me, the extent of your wine knowledge is that red is red, and white is white, and depending on what you’re eating, the wine will either taste good or bad in combination. We don’t want the complication, we just simply want a glass of wine, stat.

Dacor Discovery winestation glassTo get a better taste of what you might like, the Dacor Discovery WineStation will act as your personal wine selector. The steel-bodied machine can dispense wines at three amounts: tasting, half glass, or full glass – so you can try a sip and pour more if you like it. Instead of opening a bottle of wine, pouring, and re-corking unfinished bottles, the WineStation will store your wine at the right temperature with a thermo-electric cooling system. The LCD touchscreen interface allows you to custom display the wine brand, type, and year, and can keep a database of your favorite wines. It can also be child-locked so kids aren’t poking around to easy alcohol access.

To keep the wine fresh, the WineStation uses an argon gas preservation system keep your wine drinkable for up to 60 days after it’s been opened. That’s basically a science-y way of saying argon is heavier than oxygen, so the presence of the gas helps block oxygen from the wine for longer periods of time. The machine can be installed within a custom kitchen or used free-standing, and cleans with just a rinse of hot water.

The Discovery WineStation an elegant way of storing wine for those who drink in portion-controlled sizes; similarly, it’s a useful tool to keep several varieties and hold tasting parties. It’s like having a bartender in your own kitchen, whether you’re a wine newbie or expert. A single WineStation starts at $5,300, but you can use the Dacor website to get an exact quote from your local dealer.