Build your own expanding table with these downloadable DIY instructions

Ever seen that crazy Fletcher Capstan table that expands to nearly double its size with a simple spin? If not, you should definitely check it out. It’s one of the most impressive pieces of furniture ever to be built, and watching its moving parts swing into place is absolutely mesmerizing.

It’s hard not to drool when you see the table in action, but unfortunately in order to get one in your dining room, you’ll have to shell out upwards of $100K to have one made. The only other option is to build one yourself, and replicating David Fletcher’s insanely complex construction is something that’s likely above the skill level of the average DIYer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.44.22 PMUntil now, that is.

Contractor and garage tinkerer Scott Rumschlag has spent the last couple years developing a self-built version of the table, and has recently begun selling the plans online for just 29 bucks. Rumschlag’s table isn’t exactly the same as Fletcher’s original design, but it achieves the same effect, and it’s simple enough mechanically that you could easily put it together over the course of a couple weekends.

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The table plans (only available in PDF at this point) include a treasure trove of helpful information, including drawings, dimensions, multiple views, 62 images, and over 5,200 words laying out Rumschalg’s tips and tricks for constructing your own table.

Of course, buying the plans is just the first step. In order to actually build the table, you’ll need a table saw, router, jigsaw, thickness planer, and an angle grinder. Other tools might help, but aren’t required. The cost of materials varies depending on quality, but Rumschalg estimates that the total cost should be between $400 and $800 for most people.