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DT Music Pick: Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper “American Goldwing” 

For fans of: Monsters of Folk, Deer Tick, Bright Eyes

This Portland, Oregon-based band may not be on the playlists at popular radio stations or on the stage at SNL, but Blitzen Trapper has some critical acclaim under its belt, including features in Rolling Stone and a #13 placement on the magazine’s Best Albums of 2008. The folk rock band is led by singer and songwriter Eric Earley, who has garnered more than a few Bob Dylan comparisons for his drawl-tinged vocals, storytelling lyrics, and withdrawn persona in interviews. Earley is well-backed by five other band members who fill out the band’s twangy Americana sound that equally includes folk and rock influences. 

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While 2008’s popular album Furr took on a more radio-friendly sound, the band’s new album American Goldwing sees Earley and his gang return to the more country (country folk, not country radio) roots of 2007’s Wild Mountain Nation. The album is full of banjo, steel guitar, harmonica, and good old fashioned storytelling lyrics. Take a listen to the single “American Goldwing” below for a taste of what this down home band has to offer. 

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