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DT Music Pick: Coldplay

Coldplay “Mylo Xyloto” 

For fans of: Keane, U2, The Temper Trap

We will start by saying that yes, we know you’ve heard of Coldplay before — this isn’t some unknown band that we are urging you to give a quick listen and a first chance. We happen to think the British band’s new album (out a few days ago) is worthy of noting here, but if you’re not a Coldplay fan already, we don’t expect you to do a 180 when you hear Mylo Xyloto. The album is a sort of departure for Chris Martin’s band, delving deeply into the pop realm and revolving around the concept world of a futuristic dystopia. Martin sings of youth uprising, a disaster world, love (of course), and the band even gives us a few danceable tracks, which is something distinctly new for Coldplay. 

Even with the addition of synth and beat-heavy hooks, radio-friendly lyrics, and guest vocals by superstar Rihanna (on “Princess of China”), the same Coldplay you’ve always loved is still there. Chris Martin still sings in sweeping generalities and the band’s signature soft-rock sound is still somewhere to be found, with the addition of some catchy U2-influenced guitar riffs that give the songs just enough rock edge. While we’re not totally sold on the concept album idea, there are plenty of great songs here, from fresh, shamelessly catchy songs like “Paradise,” “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” and “Major Minus,” to quieter tunes like “Us Against the World” and “Up in Flames.” The album is bound to be divisive thanks to its pop leanings, but we like where the band has taken us — we might even have a few songs on repeat. 

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