DT Music Pick: Oh Land

Oh Land “Oh Land” 

For fans of: Florence & the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, Goldfrapp

The sophomore album from Danish artist Oh Land came out earlier this year, and the Scandinavian songstress has been gaining traction in the states ever since with her infectious pop groove and quirky stage presence. If you’ve ever heard her before, it’s probably from a Honda Civic ad that featured her catchy song “We Turn It Up.” There’s a lot more to the album, though. While she may come off as an electro-pop princess at first, her second album sees Oh Land go from hook-heavy, high-energy tunes, to lo-fi melodic ballads, all accompanied by her hushed pretty voice.

It’s the combination of her softly sweeping vocals and rhythmic loops and electronic beats that makes Oh Land so intriguing. She’s hard to classify, and her sound could appeal to a pop-loving tween as much as to an indie-electronic male fan. We always love an artist who can’t quite be categorized, and Oh Land is no exception. If you like uplifting pop music, quirky electronic beats, or any of the artists listed above, we’re thinking you’ll be a fan of the Oh Land album. Take a listen below for a preview.

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