DT Music Pick: Other Lives

dt music pick other lives

For fans of: Beirut, Wye Oak, Grizzly Bear

Usually we like to bring you music picks that maybe you’ve heard a couple times but haven’t completely delved into yet, but this week we bring you an American band that has flown mostly under the radar until just recently. Other Lives, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, may not have any awards or pop hits under its belt, but the young 5-piece band has enough depth and talent to impress any fan of orchestral-tinged indie rock. The band recently toured with one of our other DT picks, Bon Iver, which gave a much larger audience a taste of their densely layered, beautifully arranged, and darkly melodic sound. The band has been quietly making music since 2006, but their album Tamer Animals, which came out this Spring, has taken the band to new heights, getting gigs with NPR and on tour with the likes of S. Carey and Mates of State, in addition to Bon Iver.

The Tamer Animals album is full of sweeping melodies, lilting string chords, echoing vocals and a dark Americana vibe. The group has a knack for creating build, with more than one band member taking on multiple instruments in a song. In any given song, the key moments could be created by a cello and a violin, a jingly piano, or a couple horns. Despite the array of instruments and complicated arrangements, the group blends together seamlessly for a sound that is lush and cinematic. Take a listen below.