DT Music Pick: Young the Giant

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Young the Giant “Young the Giant” 

For fans of: Coldplay, The Temper Trap, The Boxer Rebellion

The debut album from this fun band may have been released late in 2010, but we weren’t writing DT Music Picks back then, so we are bringing the news of this band to you know, just in case you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. We wouldn’t call anything that Young the Giant does revolutionary or innovative, but this band is masterful at creating young (no pun intended), fun, rock songs with pop flavor and catchy choruses. What doesn’t sound great about that? Well, that formula combined with great lead vocals from singer Sameer Gadhia and an infectious energy, is probably what has catapulted the band to mainstream success in the past year.

It all started with the insanely catchy, and super high-energy tune “My Body,” which many of you have probably heard, but the band has also released two other successful singles (“Apartment” and “Cough Syrup”) that keep going with the band’s poppy guitar licks, energetic drums, and smooth vocals. Young the Giant’s combination of fun upbeat moments and a calm, mellow overall vibe makes them a great band to listen to whether you’re looking for something with a little pep or a beautiful voice to relax you. The group’s high-energy stage presence has made them a fan-favorite and we’re more than liking what they’re putting out. Take a listen below.