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Frigidaire goes for ‘wow’ factor with new Gallery ranges, fridges, and more

Electrolux’s Frigidaire brand is going all out at KBIS 2019, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas this week. The appliance manufacturer’s headliner introductions this year include three new products in its premier Frigidaire Gallery line. The new Gallery gas range, refrigerator, and dishwasher each have heads up features that add value, function, and neighborhood bragging rights.

Frigidaire Gallery 30-inch Front Control Freestanding Gas Range

Frigidaire’s top-of-the-line freestanding range breaks new ground by including an Air Fry in the oven. The 30-inch Frigidaire Gallery Front Control Freestanding Gas Range Model FGGH304VF is also available with electric burners Model FGEH3047VF) and with induction cooking (Model FGIH3047VG).

Air Fryers were a popular countertop appliance in 2018, but with the new Frigidaire line, you can enjoy flavorful, guilt-free hot-air frying without increasing counter clutter. Other notable features include convection cooking for multi-rack baking and a flexible five burner cooktop. There’s even a fast steaming cleaning option for light oven cleaning in 20 minutes.

The gas version of the new Frigidaire Gallery Front Control Freestanding Range will be available in stainless steel in July for $2,149 and in black stainless steel in September for $2,249. The electric versions will be available at the same times in stainless steel for $2,049 and black stainless steel for $2,249.

Frigidaire Gallery Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with CustomFlex Temp Drawer

The Frigidaire Gallery Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with CustomFlex Temp Drawer is available now for $3,599 in smudge-proof stainless steel. The signature feature of this frig is the middle drawer. You choose the CustomFlex Temp Drawer’s function by setting the temperature anywhere from minus 6 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Need more freezer space? Turn it down. Want to stock up on fresh produce? Set the drawer’s control to a veggie-friendly level.

An expandable door bin, a slip-up shelf, and adjustable shelves let you change the fridge’s storage configuration to match your needs. An OpenAccess Door makes it easy to grab favorites quickly without opening the larger door.

Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch Built-in Dishwasher With Dual OrbitClean Wash System and MaxBoost Dry

Frigidaire highlights both cleaning and drying with the new Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch integrated dishwasher. According to the manufacturer, the Dual OrbitClean Wash System technology is superior to all other dishwashers priced under $799 in removing “tough, dried, and baked-on food.” We haven’t tested it, but Frigidaire claims it’s that good. Drying the washer’s 14-place setting capacity of dishes is also a comparative price-range change due to the MaxBoost Dry system. A Quick-Wash model is rated to complete a full cleaning cycle in just 34 minutes.

The Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch Built-in Dishwasher with Dual OrbitClean Wash System and MaxBoost Dry is available now for $849 in smudge-proof stainless steel and $999 in smudge-proof black stainless steel.

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