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Style your kitchen with Frigidaire’s Gallery Black Stainless Steel collection

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There’s a reason the little black dress ought to be a staple in your closet, and it’s the same reason that Frigidaire believes that the Gallery Black Stainless Steel collection ought to be a staple in your kitchen. The new line adds a classic black finish to many of the company’s existing appliances, so whether you’re looking for a new fridge or a new microwave or a new dishwasher (or all the above), there’s likely something for you in this collection.

All of Frigidaire’s new appliances promise a smudge-proof feature, so you don’t have to worry about endlessly wiping everything down to keep things looking new. The company notes that this particular stainless steel’s finish needs only a dry cloth to quickly remove any smudges that may appear.

In total, there are eight appliances that Frigidaire promises will bring efficiency to your home. There are two refrigerators, both of which come with the SpaceWise Organization System and a humidity-controlled Effortless Glide Crisper Drawer to keep produce fresh. Then there’s a new dishwasher, which comes with the company’s OrbiTClean Wash System promising a “complete cleaning performance with four times better wash coverage.” Plus, these washers come with DishSense Technology to adjust the cycle time based on the level of cleanliness you need for your dishes (though hopefully, that’s always set to the highest standard).

The line also includes two ovens, both of which employ True Convection technology, featuring a third heating element and single convection fan to help circulate hot air more quickly.  Two ranges come with the same convection heating technology, while Frigidaire’s Effortless Temperature Probe lets you set your desired finished temperature and alerts you when that temperature has been reached.

Finally, Frigidaire’s latest microwaves use sensor cooking to automatically adjust power levels and cooking times to cook a variety of items.

“What sets the Frigidaire Gallery Black Stainless Steel collection apart are the features that make preparation, cooking, clean up and organization quicker and easier while also adding sophisticated style to any kitchen design, all at an accessible price point,” said John Weinstock, senior vice president of marketing at Electrolux North America, Frigidaire’s parent company.

These appliances start at $500.

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