The best refrigerators of 2019

Keep cool (and organize your condiments) with the best refrigerators

What goes on inside your fridge might be a mystery to you — and we don’t just mean that container of ominous goop that’s been in there since who knows when. As long as your meat isn’t spoiling too fast and your spinach still looks perky after a couple of days, you’re probably content to let it do its thing.

Still, investing in one of the best refrigerators out there is a move worth making, as the appliance will sit in your kitchen for years, and some features may be more important to you than others. Differences in drawer space and energy usage are just some of the things to consider. Below are some of our current favorite fridges that each offer something different.

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At a glance

Product Category
Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM Our pick
LG LMXS30796D The best storage
Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex FGTR1845QF The best for limited space
GE French Door GE GNE25JMKES The best budget model
Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door Flex The best for customization
KitchenAid KRMF706EBS Multi-Door The best aesthetic
Sub-Zero BI-42S/S Side-By-Side The best luxury

Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM

Our pick

best refrigerators

Why should you buy this? It looks a bit different, but the five-door model has oodles of storage options.

Who’s it for? Neatniks who want to keep everything organized.

How much will it cost? $3,259

Why we chose the Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM:

A fridge so nice, it makes twice the ice. The Whirlpool Double Drawer French Door is 25.8 cubic feet of compartmentalized storage. In addition to the conventional French doors and bottom freezer, this Whirlpool model has two fridge drawers in between. One is a produce drawer, while the other has specialty temperature settings. You can chill specific items like cheese, meat, drinks, and snacks or thaw frozen items more safely than on the counter.

With 18.2 cubic feet for fresh items and 7.6 for frozen, the unconventional design does suck up some space. But inside the main compartment you’ll find a triple crisper bin, giving you even more space for fruits and veggies. There are also smaller compartments for items such as butter or string cheese. The doors have gallon bins and the left side holds one of the ice makers. The other deposits ice in a bin in the freezer. That’s also the site of a pizza pocket, a special spot just for your frozen ‘za. LED lights, glass shelves, and an in-door water dispenser are all features to be expected on a fridge of this price.

With everything divided up so nicely, it should cut down on the amount of mystery leftovers that often linger in the back of disorganized fridges.


The best storage

best refrigerators lg lmxs30796d lifetsyle

Why should you buy this? This model has tons of fresh food space, as well as features to keep everything organized.

Who’s it for? If you find yourself playing food Tetris in your refrigerator on a regular basis, it’s probably time to upgrade to a model with more room to work with.

How much will it cost? $3,400+

Why we chose the LG LMXS30796D:

A single person or a couple may not necessarily reap the full benefits of the LG LMXS30796D InstaView Door-in-Door. Larger households, however, will surely enjoy this model. With nearly 30 cubic feet of space, you could conceivably fit leftovers from both Thanksgiving and Christmas inside.

This LG keeps things organized with lots of compartments, which is handy, because all people need to do to see inside is knock twice. The InstaView’s glass panel on the right gives you a peek at the door-in-door items, so you know what you have before opening it up. There are two gallon bins on that side, as well as a smaller one. On the other door, the ice and water dispenser is on the outside, but a relatively slim ice maker inside still leaves room for three shelves that can fit condiments or soda. Below, a temperature-changing drawer lets you select four different levels of cold, depending on what you’re storing.

The model also touts an 8.8 cubic foot freezer, with space to store frozen pizzas, meats, and more. Despite the large interior, this model is also energy efficient. The appliance is Energy Star-certified with an annual consumption of 776kWh. Plus, you’ll be able to contemplate your snack choices with the door closed.

GE French Door GE GNE25JMKES

The best budget model

best refrigerators

Why should you buy this? This affordable French door looks pricier than it actually is.

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants the French door look without the typical French door price.

How much will it cost? $1,899

Why we chose the GE French Door GE GNE25JMKES:

Behind the sleek doors, you’ll find a water dispenser, while a drawer in the freezer fills up with ice so you don’t have to make it yourself.  Its crisp LED lighting helps you see inside the 24.8-cubic-foot interior (17.5 in the fridge, 7.3 in the freezer). We’ve seen some larger-capacity fridges with smaller freezers than that, trading it for more fresh-food space. There are two humidity-controlled drawers, so you can choose settings for fruits or vegetables. Another full-width drawer has temperature controls for cold or coldest.

If a recent grocery trip takes the fridge from empty to stuffed, the Turbo Cool button can help bring it back down to the correct temperature. The 6-gallon bins are adjustable, and a “quick space” shelf folds underneath to accommodate taller items. The glass shelves and clear bins will help you keep track of your food, too.

A nice French door fridge for the price, it’s definitely a steal when it goes on sale.

Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door Flex

The best for customization


Why should you buy this? Thanks to its unique compartment, this fridge can switch back and forth between extra fridge and freezer space.

Who’s it for? Anyone who appreciates the ability to easily add more freezer or refrigerator space in a sleek, modern stainless-steel build.

How much will it cost? $2,888

Why we chose the Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door Flex:

If you’re in the market for a unique fridge, the Samsung 4-Door Flex Fridge offers a full compartment that can be either a freezer or warmed up for more fresh food storage. It’s sort of like the Kenmore’s temp-adjustable drawer, but more versatile. It’s both bigger and offers a larger temperature swing.

If you want it to be an ice cream holder, one of the four settings is for a soft freeze. The drawback is that the because the bottom of the fridge is split in half, you can’t store large frozen pizzas in it — the individual compartments just aren’t wide or tall enough.

The Power-Cool feature is very handy if you need to quickly cool down that six pack before the game. There’s also a similar Power-Freeze tool for the freezer. Both of these can be selected on the front touchscreen panel.

As for the design, overall, the Samsung model is a bit shallower than full-sized models. Thankfully, the middle shelves can be repositioned for greater flexibility. Three gallon-sized bins are positioned on the right door to keep bulkier items to the side. The shelf in the middle can be lowered or raised as needed.

It does have 22.5 cubic feet of capacity, it’s 36 inches wide, and costs about $2,500, so it’s meant for a very specific market, but the flex-door option is definitely a quirky feature that actually has value.

Our full Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door Flex review

KitchenAid KRMF706EBS Multi-Door

The best aesthetic


Why should you buy this? Not just pretty, this KitchenAid fridge has a lot of special features, too.

Who’s it for? Foodies and culinary-minded individuals will appreciate the specific settings for herbs and marinades.

How much will it cost? $4,199

Why we chose the KitchenAid KRMF706EBS Multi-Door:

In a list full of stainless steel fridges, the KitchenAid Multi-Door Freestanding Refrigerator stands out, and not just because it comes in black stainless. KitchenAid found a way to make its five-door design look elegant.

The KitchenAid has two separate drawers with temperature control that are designed with home chefs in mind: There are settings for herbs and marinade or thaw, for example. The inside of the fridge is pretty eye-catching, too, with platinum-gray walls and lots of LED lights.

There is ample room inside to store all of your groceries. The 25.8 cubic feet of interior space is larger than most, meaning there’s plenty of room for the necessities and even weekly meal preps. There are four adjustable, spill-proof shelves allowing you to tailor the unit to your weekly shopping list.

The freezer utilizes the popular three-tier design to help you organize your frozen goods with ease. With a $3,400 price tag, you’re paying more for the distinctive design, rather than any over-the-top functionality, but if aesthetic is what you’re looking for, this model wins.

Sub-Zero BI-42S/S Side-By-Side

The best luxury


Why should  you buy this? This fridge has the ability to keep groceries fresher longer and filters bacteria away from your food.

Who’s it for? People who like their refrigerators like their Aston Martins.

How much will it cost? MSRP $10,545-$10,650

Why we chose the Sub-Zero BI-42S/S Side-By-Side:

You’ve seen your share of past due, even spoiled food in the refrigerator. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Sub-Zero 42-inch Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator keeps your food fresher longer with the most advanced food preservation technology available — a technology developed through almost 70 years of research. That means crisper greens, juicier peppers, and blueberries that burst with flavor — even weeks after you’ve brought them home from the market.

This overall food preservation tech is only enhanced by the magnetic door seals. The built-in air purification system — inspired by technology used by NASA — continuously removes ethylene gas, airborne bacteria, molds, and even viruses. The climate is perpetually monitored and adjusted via an advanced microprocessor.

There’s a total of 24.3 cubic feet of storing capacity with this unit. This includes 16.3 cubic feet in the refrigerator compartment and eight cubic feet in the freezer unit, all of which is designed for optimal maneuverability.

The refrigerator has four adjustable glass shelves, three adjustable door shelves, as well as an adjustable dairy compartment. The freezer keeps things organized and in clear view with three adjustable wire shelves, three storage drawers, and five adjustable shelves along the door

In all honesty, a $10,000 refrigerator is certainly not for everyone. But if you’re in the market for one of the most modern, efficient, and sanitary refrigerators, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this cooler than cool product from Sub-Zero.

Is now a good time to buy?

This is certainly always something to consider when purchasing a new appliance. There are always seasonal sales and clearance events to look for to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. While you can find sales during President’s Day, Black Friday, and other holidays, oftentimes manufacturers will have clearance sales to make room for new models in the spring and the fall. Cross-check pricing to make sure that you’re getting a good deal. Now is a good time to buy.

How we test refrigerators

When choosing a new appliance, the overall aesthetic is definitely something to consider. After all, a refrigerator is a large focal point in any kitchen. It may be the best refrigerator ever constructed but if it’s unsightly or unnecessarily bulky, do you really want to showcase it alongside your other appliances? Probably not. We also like to focus in on specific special features. What does this appliance do that others simply cannot? Many of these bonus bells and whistles will certainly affect the price of the unit but then again, many of these options are the selling points on a specific model.

Outside of basic square footage limitations in your kitchen, internal refrigeration/freezer capacity is key. How large is the refrigerator? How large is the freezer portion? Adjustable housing and aftermarket customization can also affect the capacity of the unit. You can read more about how we test products here.

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