Pack your bags! You can totally rent the badass mansion from ‘Ex Machina’

If you’re a fan of scifi, a nature lover, or both, add Norway to your travel bucket list. It’s home of the Juvet Landscape Hotel, which offers modern architecture in an amazingly beautiful and rural area. You may also recognize it as the completely badass home-slash-research facility from the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina.

Fans of the movie will remember the Juvet Hotel as the site where a lot of mayhem went down, but in real life, it seems much more tranquil. Instead of taking the Turing test to determine if an android with artificial intelligence can fool you, you can relax in the bathing area and spa. Built by the river, the spa is designed to give the impression of being in a cave, as its 15-meter-long front window overlooks the water.

The Juvet Hotel offers nine unique rooms that are spaced out across the incredible grounds, built on a farm on a steep, natural levee. The area is so stunning that it’ll make you want to be closer to the natural beauty around you. As Steve, a travel writer for Afar Magazine put it in a testimonial on the Juvet’s website, “I’m entirely too modest to walk around naked, even when I’m alone. But the first thing I wanted to do after closing the door of my cabin at the Juvet Landscape Hotel was shed anything that separated me from nature.”

Guests who make it to up to Norddal, the small village on the northwest coast of Norway where the Juvet is located, can expect to pay about $176.58 a night (NOK 1,450) per person in a double room. Those who are traveling solo can stay in either of the “bird nesting boxes,” two new single rooms at the same price. All rooms have wireless, but all-too-human androids are thankfully not included.

To book a room, visit the Juvet Hotel here.