Keep your air clean with FilterEasy’s subscription-based HVAC filter replacements

filtereasy ships you air filters right when need them filterlady

When was the last time you changed the filters on your HVAC system? If you’re like most people, it was probably ages ago. It’s just such an easy thing to forget about, and unfortunately, not staying on top of it is likely siphoning a bit of money out of your wallet.

Old, clogged-up filters can cause a lot of problems: reduced air quality, higher energy bills, and can even contribute to A/C system issues and failures if ignored for long enough. You probably know all this already; the hard part is just remembering to change them every few months.

That’s where FilterEasy comes in. For a small subscription fee, the startup (which just closed a $1.2 million funding round) will send you replacement filters on a recurring schedule, so you never have to think about it again.

To sign up, homeowners provide their personal information, select their filter size and type, and tell FilterEasy how often they want them shipped — like every three months, for example. The site currently offers air filters in over 40 different sizes and three different quality levels, which should cover most people’s home air filter needs.

Once you’ve submitted your info, you’re done. No more setting reminders, no more driving to the store and spending half an hour hunting down the right filter type. FilterEasy takes care of everything for you, short of physically replacing the filters, of course.

And the best part? The filters don’t cost any more than what you’d pay in the store. Since partnering and co-locating with U.S. filter manufacturer Flanders, the startup is able to ship filters directly to homeowners at the same price.