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Leave a hard-to-miss message right on your wall with Formica's Writable Surfaces

formica writable surfaces black chalkable and coloring book
Your walls may not be able to talk, but that doesn’t mean they can’t send messages. With that in mind, Formica has introduced its new Writable Surfaces, which promise to offer “beautiful and durable chalkboard and markerboard surfacing options” in various colors and patterns. So go ahead — write on your walls. Formica can handle it.

“Imagine a wall or door in your home where you can finally say, ‘it’s OK to draw on,’” said Gerri Chmiel, Formica’s residential design lead. “Imagine jotting a good luck message on your counter for your loved one on the day of a big meeting, making sure they start their day right. These are just some of the endless options for expression with Formica Writable Surfaces.”

Available in six colors and designs, each of the Writable Surfaces allow you to pen a message directly onto it, then just wipe it away when you’re done. So whether you want to decorate using some temporary art or need to remind yourself to take a trip to the grocery store, these surfaces can come in handy.

In addition to Formica’s Writable Surfaces, the company also introduced two ready-made products featuring Formica Writable Surfaces at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. There’s the SketchTable, a coffee table-sized surface that lets you turn your table into scratch paper, and the CreateSlate, which features a cream-colored frame with Black ChalkAble inside, and a gray frame with LoveWords inside.

“Homeowners today want to express their individuality — and what better way to do that than with a blank canvas for just about anywhere you can think to use one?” asked Chmiel. “At Formica Corporation, we know homeowners are seeking quality surfaces that deliver on all areas that are important to them. They want surfaces to be beautiful, purposeful, durable, easy to maintain, and smartly priced. Formica Writable Surfaces have all these attributes and more.”

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