Fridge Monkey keeps your beer stacked and stable

fridge monkey keeps your beer stacked and stable

It’s a simple problem, but one that most of us have from time to time. Your fridge is stocked full of fresh food and snacks, but you want to throw your just-bought beer in there too to get it nice and frosty. In theory you can stack them on their sides to save space, but one wrong move and they will all come tumbling down. The Fridge Monkey from the Container Store ($6) easily solves this problem by providing a ridged base to create your beer bottle pyramid. Made from dishwasher-safe flexible rubber, the Fridge Monkey will hold ten beer bottles or soda cans, or even bottles of wine or spirits.

It’s a simple device, but keep one of these in your fridge and you’ll never have a problem fitting your beer or other beverages in along with the real food that we’re assuming you also have.