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Don’t let them see you sweat in the boardroom with GANT’s Tech Prep line

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When you’re climbing that corporate ladder, you know to never let them see you sweat. And now, you can get some help from your clothes. Thanks to GANT’s new Tech Prep line, the American lifestyle brand promises professionals that they will never be not comfortable.

In fact, that’s the name of the company’s latest campaign. As part of “Never Not Comfortable,” GANT is highlighting how its Tech Prep line, complete with new fabric features and hidden technology, will keep wearers cool and collected in even the most stressful of situations.

“The clothes we wear today are not designed for the active lifestyle we are living — that’s why we created the Tech Prep feature,” said GANT CMO Brian Grevy. “You get your favorite preppy look, never compromising on style, comfort or the hand-feel of the shirt, but with all the tech features that enables you to jump straight from your bike into a meeting feeling.”

So what’s all this technology GANT speaks of? First of all, Tech Prep clothing comes with hidden quick dry, breathable, and wicking benefits, all integrated into your business-ready clothing. Think of it as athleisure for the office, but with a preppier look (because as cool as you are, you probably shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants to the boardroom).

Tech Prep clothing is made of a special fabric with three features. First off, the high-performing microfiber polyester promises to be quick drying, moving sweat away from your body to the fabric’s surface, where that moisture will evaporate. Second, Tech Prep pieces are woven in such a way that promises to let air and body heat flow through the fabric, which means that you won’t suddenly feel like you’re suffocating underneath your collar. Finally, GANT promises that each Tech Prep garment “actively absorbs humidity from the skin and transports it from the body to the outer surface.”

And all this is done without compromising style. You can buy GANT’s Chambray Shirt, the Prep Check Shirt, and the Blue Stripe Shirt all for $125 at

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