Guardzilla 360 keeps you safe with a camera that rotates in any direction

Guardzilla 360
What’s that noise in the backyard? Is it a baboon, a bat, or a burglar? It’s probably not a baboon, but wouldn’t you like to check it out regardless?

There are many smart security devices on the market, but not many cameras that promise you live, 360-degree high definition viewing. Home security company Guardzilla has changed that with the Guardzilla 360, the all-in-one security system that can rotate all the way around, capturing that squirrel on your porch or that burglar swiping your package.

The Guardzilla 360 also includes night vision, two-way conversing, and three call buttons you can program for one-touch push notifications to smartphones. You can link each button with family, friends and emergency contacts, notifying them of any security breaches.

“Traditional Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras provide a very limited view of the environment, and clumsy walkie-talkie-like audio that hampers a user’s ability to connect and communicate with their home or small business,” Guardzilla Chief Revenue Officer Terry Bader said. “The Guardzilla 360 changes the game on home security by giving users the power to see and interact with their entire environment, live, from their smartphone, while also providing unsurpassed security features.”

Apart from the cameras and microphones, the product includes PIR motion sensors, a siren to ward off intruders, and geofencing to arm or disarm the system. It does so automatically when the user’s smartphone has left or entered the GPS-driven perimeter.

The system is designed to help everyone from adults to children, the elderly, and small business workers. Installing the Guardzilla 360 is simple and does not require a hub for operation. 

The video playback is powered by an algorithm that creates high-quality video content through 3D mapping, offering a panoramic video of everything that is happening in your home. Video is stored on your smartphone in case you need it. The 360 also uses what it calls “leading-edge” video compression technologies that can stream what you’re watching live with the panoramic feature activated through broadband bandwidth.

Guardzilla is selling the 360 for $230, both online and in major stores, including Walmart, Target, Office Max, Staples, Best Buy, and the Home Shopping Network.

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