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Survey shows many people opting for tech-free, ‘sanctuary-like’ bedrooms

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The light from electronic devices like smartphones can ruin sleep, giving a whole new meaning to the term “blue screen of death.” Yet a lot of us use our phones as alarm clocks, TVs, and books, making them an essential part of our nighttime routine. Some people, however, would prefer to completely banish electronics from the bedroom altogether.

Only 19 percent of homeowners who are renovating and six percent who are redecorating plan to add or replace electronics to the master bedroom, according to a recent survey from remodeling and decorating site Houzz. Meanwhile, 10 percent want a bedroom that is completely “free of media and electronics.” Maybe that’s because 54 percent said the bedroom should be “sanctuary-like.”

And while 77 percent of respondents want a bedroom that’s “calming,” when it comes to functionality, 24 percent would prefer a sleeping space that also lends itself to reading, compared to 16 percent who want the room to double as a home theater, ideal for watching TV and movies.

Those who are adding tech want TVs (87 percent), speakers or stereos (35 percent), or docking stations (21 percent). In the bedrooms, TVs are most likely to be wall-mounted, with 74 percent choosing that option. Not surprisingly, only three percent opt for a ceiling-mounted TV. Eleven percent of those surveyed are also planning on adding a computer or tablet, but only two percent want an Xbox in the bedroom.

Despite the lack of expensive electronics, master bedroom renovations are still pricey. A quarter of homeowners planned to spend at least $10,000 on the project, according to the survey. Per the numbers, they’ll most likely be decorated in white, cream, gray, or blue, with finished wood and cotton materials and paint instead of wallpaper. Only five percent plan on incorporating the color orange into the bedroom decoration, so if you really want yours to stand out, pick up some tangerine wallpaper and set up your PS4.

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