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The Hypnos hoodie lets you nap anywhere with its built-in pillow

Narcoleptics everywhere, rejoice: You’ll now have a pillow for whenever you fall asleep. It’s all thanks to an ingenious new Kickstarter project named the Hypnos, heralded as the world’s best sleep hoodie. Seeing as sweatshirts are inherently designed for comfort, why not take things to the next level by creating what is effectively a mobile napping pod, all self-contained in a single, rather aesthetically pleasing article of clothing? It’s achieved by building a pillow directly into the hood of the loungewear, resulting in a “beautiful, comfortable, and practical hoodie designed  for creatives, travelers, commuters and anybody who has a moment to take a rest.”

With five days left to go still, the Hypnos has raised a staggering $148,815 from nearly 1,500 backers, nearly five times its original goal of just $30,000. But clearly, the nappers of the world have united in their quest to make the siesta a ubiquitous phenomenon, and the Hypnos is the solution. As the team behind the idea says, “It’s more than a hoodie, it’s your day-to-day (and day-to-night) essential comfort garment.” Because really, how many other hoodies inflate to reveal “a perfectly ergonomic pillow for rest on the go?”

Made in Los Angeles and available in a number of different styles (including a pullover or zip-up), you can choose from fleece, French terry, cotton, or nylon for your hoodie, and better still, won’t have to deal with a shapeless unisex size (choose from men’s or women’s makes). Of course, the real draw is the included pillow, which “contours and wraps around the head to give unparalleled support along with the flexibility to maneuver to any desired position.” Sleep in a car, on a plane, on a desk, or just about anywhere — maybe not standing up, but perhaps that’ll come next.

If you hurry, you can pre-order one of these guys in the zip-up variety for $59 on Kickstarter (retail $69). But don’t worry — even if you can’t snag one before they’re all gone (for now), with this much funding, the Hypnos is bound to come to market. So sleep on, sleepers. And make the whole world your bed.

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