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The i9 vacuum from Electrolux offers 3D Vision for more accurate mapping

Swedish company Electrolux is on a mission to clean house in the United States. Literally. The newest appliance to come from the company is the i9 Robotic Vacuum, an autonomous cleaning assistant aimed at taking the work out of housework. By partnering with its recent acquisition, San Francisco-based smart kitchen brand Anova, Electrolux is hoping to launch the Pure i9 direct to consumers in the coming days.

The vacuum can be programmed by way of a companion mobile app, which will allow folks to easily schedule cleaning times and keep tabs on the cleaning status of their home. Thanks to the i9’s powerful suction capabilities and triangular design, the vacuum can reach difficult nooks and crannies to help ensure that every inch of your room is kept spick-and-span. There’s also an external brush that further assists with hard-to-reach spots.

The real selling point, however, is the 3D Vision system. Electrolux claims that its new vacuum leverages this technology  to “accurately scan and map the room to detect and avoid obstacles in three dimensions — on the floor, above the floor and along edges  — and map out the best cleaning path.” The imaging system works alongside lasers, and should provide the robot with enhanced navigational capacities. This could be key in preventing your robot vacuum from falling down the stairs or constantly hitting the corner of that easily-scuffed desk. And it could also help you determine what areas of your home you don’t want your vacuum touching. 

The i9 has already met with quite a bit of success in Europe, where it was initially launched in September 2017. Already, the vacuum has won accolades, including the iF Design award. But now, we’ll just have to see if American customers offer a similarly warm reception. 

“We are excited to be involved in launching this product in the United States,” said Stephen Svajian, CEO and co-founder of Anova, “The way we meet and engage with consumers in social media has helped make the Anova Precision Cooker the world’s best-selling sous vide device. We believe the Pure i9 has great potential with a similar approach.” Anova was acquired by Electrolux Group in 2017. 

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