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IFTTT adds environmental triggers with new Netatmo Weather Station channel

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If you’re not already familiar with IFTTT, it’s high time you get acquainted. It’s like a bridge between the Internet and the physical world, and with a wide variety of different triggers and participating devices, it’s quickly becoming an important part of the connected home as well as the Internet of Things. 

Lets say you want to get a text message whenever somebody tags you in a Facebook post. IFTTT can make it happen. Lets say you want your lights to change colors when your buddy’s plane lands. With Philips Hue and JetSetMe, you can totally do it. And that’s just naming a few possibilities. IFTTT boasts over 79 different channels, and has multiple triggers for each one, so the number of potential combinations and uses is mind-bogglingly high.

Lately, the service has been adding new channels like it’s going out of style, and early yesterday morning it added a big one – the Netatmo Weather Station channel. The Netatmo Weather Station monitors your living environment’s temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, carbon dioxide, noise pollution, and much more. So if you happen to have one of these devices, you can now use it with IFTTT to set up environmental triggers for various automation actions. Previously, the only way to set up environmental triggers was through IFTTT’s Weather channel, which relied on data coming from places outside your house. This new Netatmo channel allows for much more personal triggers that are specifc to the conditions inside your house. 

Got noisy roommates who keep you up all night? Using Netatmo’s noise level trigger, you can have IFTTT automatically send them an email or DM on Twitter whenever the sound level in a given room rises above a predetermined point. Want the space heater to turn on automatically if it drops below a certain temperature? With a WeMo plug and Netatmo’s temp trigger, you can easily make it happen. 

At this point in time, the Netatmo channel offers ten different triggers, and each of those can be used to execute actions on 52 different output channels that IFTTT offers, so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Find out more here.

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