iHome’s iH15W iPod Speaker Changes Color

iHome is best known for its line of iPod-friendly accessories, and the company has now rolled out a new iH15W stereo system that can literally change color to match your decor—or cycle through colors to help you set a scene. The iH15W takes the form of a 5.5-inch cube and sports an iPod dock that should handle (and charge) just about any non-shuffle iPod released in 2004 or later. The unit also features with two Reson8 speakers and a passive subwoofer to give your tunes some thump, along with an aux input for non-iPod devices an audio sources.

But the iH15W’s signature feature is a translucent cabinet that can change color with a touch. According to iHome, the iH15W sports four color settings (we’re guessing blue, purple, red, and white, despite the rainbow of colors in the promotional graphic). Users can select a color manually, or let the unit cycle through colors on its own to liven up a space.

The iH15W is available now at a suggested price of $59.99.

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