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Save space, improve aesthetics with the Intelligent Waste trash can solution

Your trash may not be a particularly pleasing olfactory experience, but that doesn’t mean it should have to be an eyesore, too. Thankfully, with a couple design innovations from PearsonLloyd, it doesn’t have to be. Meet the Intelligent Waste collection, consisting of a series of stacking modules that will not only save you space in the kitchen, but look good while doing it.

Both environmentally friendly and design forward, the cleverly named Stack modules “offer an innovative approach to recycling in the home.” Rather than keeping all your different waste in different containers (because really, who has time to go from bin to bin for your recyclables, your compostables, your normal trash), you’ll be able to merge everything into one cohesive unit.

At the very top sits your normal trashcan, where you can dispose of your everyday waste. but move down to the base of the stackable unit, and you’ll find a multi-purpose drawer with a removable divider that lets you easily separate various recyclables. And there’s also a food waste compartment specifically for your compost — you can choose to keep that on your countertop or with the catch-all trash can.

And because the modules are all made of ABS plastic, they’re a breeze to clean up and should last you quite some time. They’re also self-ventilating so that you don’t have to worry about excess buildup of moisture or odor, and feature an outer shell to facilitate air flow into the waste compartments, as well as a filter that catches all those unsavory smells.

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