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You definitely don’t need this Jim Beam smart decanter. But you’ll want it

Jim Beam | "JIM," The World's First Intelligent Bourbon Decanter
It’s not entirely clear why you need the Jim, a smart decanter that pours you Jim Beam whiskey on demand, but if we start asking why about every gizmo and gadget on the market, we’ll be going down a deep, dark rabbit hole. Instead, we’ll just nod at this latest innovation in the smart home space. It’s a voice-activated alcohol dispenser that allows you to pour yourself (and your friends) a drink without lifting a finger. Please, please use this power responsibly.

It’s not entirely clear exactly how you get Jim to pour you a shot, though we imagine it goes something like, “Hey Jim, pour me a shot.” But really, that’s about the extent of this decanter’s abilities, which makes sense, given its sole purpose is to dispense alcoholic beverages. Sure, you can ask Jim what the weather is like, but instead of receiving a useful response, you’ll get nothing but a cheeky answer about how the weather is always perfect for a glass of whiskey. All answers are voiced by Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s Seventh Generation Master Distiller.

Apparently, all of this technology is powered by 3G, and alas, those capabilities may expire after about six months. After that, Jim just becomes a regular decanter, and really, what’s the use of that? While Jim Beam is encouraging folks to pre-order one of these smart decanters for the holidays (promising an arrival date of December 15), these devices have proven quite popular, and are already out of stock. And if you’re waiting for more inventory so you can buy a couple as gag gifts for your friends, you’re out of luck — the company has placed a one-device-per-customer limit on its website.

Be warned friends — your Jim Beam smart decanter does not come with a bottle of Jim Beam, so you’ll have to provide your own spirits (though whether you want to fill Jim with whiskey, vodka, or wine is totally up to you). While at $34.90, Jim is cheaper than many other smart home devices (though decidedly less varied in its usefulness), that’s still more than a bottle of Jim Beam. But hey, if a talking decanter will make you happy this holiday season, who are we to judge?

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