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Security camera maker Kami dives into 24/7 home security monitoring

The home security industry continues to evolve thanks to the implementation of new technologies. Today, Kami Vision announced a partnership with Cove to launch a brand-new entry in the smart home security field: 24/7 Professional Monitoring Powered by Cove. This is a new type of DIY security with a full-suite camera that combines professional monitoring with A.I.-enhanced security.

Setup is designed to be simple. All you have to do is install the device, a process that takes only a few minutes — there’s no need for professional installation or hardwiring. This makes it possible for anyone, even people with next to no DIY skills, to install a security system in their home.

Another major point of appeal are the terms and conditions of the contract. Unlike other services that offer professional monitoring, Cove is an inexpensive option that starts at just $25 per month and features a cancel-anytime clause. If you aren’t satisfied with the service for any reason, you can call and shut off service without high cancellation fees or other penalties. If you do run into any difficulties with either the setup or your service, Cove offers 24/7 customer service. You can contact them through call, chat, or email at any time.

The 24/7 Professional Monitoring Powered by Cove is compatible with the Kami Home app. The app offers advanced functionalities included “Arm Away,” “Arm Stay,” and real-time notifications. You can access all stored footage through cloud storage.

The professional monitoring is offered through Cove’s RapidSOS service. This emergency dispatch integration is estimated to reduce response times by three to four minutes, with fewer overall false alarms. When your home or family is at risk, those three or four minutes can make a huge difference.

With Cove offering new do-it-yourself home security, combined with professional monitoring, the company claims that you can take more control of your home security than what is offered through paid companies like Blue by ADT or SimpliSafe. Kami offers both indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as baby monitors. The cameras start at $55 and increase in price from there. From a budget standpoint, it’s not a bad price to get started with a camera and professional monitoring.

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