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With Kitty Vent, cat owners will almost forget there's a litter box in the house

Odor can be a big problem when it comes to litter boxes. Scented cat litter sometimes makes the problem even worse. Bigger homes have the luxury of hiding the litter box in less-trafficked places, but what about everyone else?

The newly announced Kitty Vent uses airflow to literally drive the bad odor away. Even if there is no room to hide the litter box, owners will likely forget it’s there.

To vent the air out of the living space, Kitty Vent connects to any covered litter box. Cat owners can either cut a round hole in the existing box or purchase a Kitty Vent litter box that has a hole precut for easy setup. An adjustable bracket containing the fan can then be placed in any existing sliding window measuring 3 to 4 feet. While the fan does require power to run, it remains virtually silent during operation and draws very little power. Kitty Vent estimates that its power consumption will only add about 50 cents to your yearly energy cost.

As for the optional Kitty Vent litter box, it is designed to fit a modern home aesthetic. Its large size will fit even the fattest of cats, while the built-in handle allows it to be easily moved.

For funding, Kitty Vent has turned to Kickstarter. With 26 days to go, it has already raised $10,000 toward its $50,000 goal.  Anyone who is interested can purchase the Kitty Vent for $39, or $59 with the matching litter box. If you miss the early bird price, the prices will increase to $49 and $79, respectively.

Cats can be our best friends, but there is no reason owners should have to live with their litter box smell any longer.

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