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Lenovo’s pint-sized smart alarm clock is set to ship next month

Lenovo Smart Clock
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

One of the more interesting little innovations at CES 2019 wasn’t some over-the-top creation that most people will never get to see let alone use. Instead, it was a compact little smart clock that could fit in just about anyone’s bedroom. The Lenovo Smart Clock was a favorite at the massive tech convention back in January, and now it’s available for pre-order from major retailers. The upcoming smart appliance is now available for purchase for $79, and is expected to start shipping on June 2.

If you haven’t yet seen the smart clock, you’ll likely be surprised at just how cool the little device is. It has a 4-inch display, which features a touchscreen that lets you swipe between several different pages. The clock is set up to be your daily hub from the moment you wake up in the morning, so it has pages set up for an alarm clock, the daily weather, commute information, a calendar with all of your upcoming events, and more. The alarm will generate suggested wake up time based on your daily events and will learn from your preferences to set alarms.

In addition to keeping your hold day just a couple taps away, the Lenovo Smart Clock is also powered by Google Assistant, so you’ll have full access to Google’s voice-controlled A.I. The Assistant can complete commands like playing specific songs, answering questions, setting and controlling other internet-connected smart home devices, and more from the Lenovo Smart Clock. Google assistant also offers custom clock faces that you can access on the smart clock.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock features a wedge-shaped display that should fit in just about any bedroom no matter where you like to set up your alarm. It has a soft, gray fabric wrapped around the back, and you’ll find volume buttons on the upper edge of the device. On the back, there is a microphone privacy switch that lets you physically shut down the microphones to ensure it isn’t listening when you don’t want it to. There’s no camera either, so there should be no privacy concerns associated with that. The smart clock also has a USB-A port so you can charge your phone or another device. A 6W speaker should be more than enough to wake you up in the morning, but you can also connect the alarm with Nest Home or another smart home speaker for better audio.

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