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Ringtones become smarter with the new alarm feature for the Lenovo Alarm Clock

Google is rethinking those jarring alarm sounds you wake up to every day. The company has today announced an update for the Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Clock that brings smart and contextual alarm ringtones. Called Impromptu, the new feature takes into account factors such as the time and weather and automatically switches to an alarm tune that best fits the scenario.

So on a crisp early morning, the alarm may go off to a tone similar to this. If it’s sunny, the device will probably shift to a more jolly sound. The new option is built on top of an open-source research project called Magenta that’s powered by Google’s TensorFlow technology. Magenta has been developed predominating for exploring the role of machine learning in creative processes like music and art. Incidentally, the same project was responsible for most of the tracks developers and members of the press heard at the Google I/O concert.

The Lenovo Smart Clock already offered a bunch of alarm features for a more pleasant waking up experience. It can gently raise the volume a few minutes prior to your alarm’s set time. Plus, it has the ability to suggest alarm times based on your schedule and appointments the next day. The smart clock, like Google Assistant on phones, can also trigger the lights or any other compatible home appliance as soon as your alarm goes off.

In addition to Impromptu, Google says it has “fine-tuned” the automatic brightness feature and it now works more accurately. There’s a new music recommendation card you can add to the home screen that recommends playlists and songs for you to play depending on the time and your past playback history — similar to the YouTube Music home page. Plus, starting with the new update, the alarm can last for up to an hour.

Unfortunately, Google has not specified whether the new Impromptu feature will eventually make its way to other Assistant smart speakers and displays like the company’s own line of Home devices.

If you’re looking to purchase one, Lenovo and Google have further extended Cyber Week discounts for the Smart Clock. It’s still available for $30 less across the majority of retailers including Best Buy and The Home Depot.

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