Lens Cap Strap Holder keeps your caps from disappearing into the abyss

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As photographers ourselves, we are more than a little familiar with the problem of losing lens caps. They must go to the same place as socks and spare change because we can never seem to hold on to one for any normal length of time. There are a few tricks for hanging on to them, namely either being responsible and putting them in the same pocket every time or using one of those fancy elastic lens-cap attachments that dangles off of your camera and gets in your macro shots. Neither of those have been a happy solution for us, but we may have found something that could eliminate the problem forever. 

From our friends over at Photojojo comes the Lens Cap Strap Holder ($18), which slides onto almost any camera strap as a perfect snap-in holder for your lens cap while you’re in shooting mode. The cap comes in four different sizes and will slide easily onto your existing camera strap as long as it doesn’t have any metal hardware. Maybe if we get our hands on one of these we can stop searching every pocket of our camera bag three times over.