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Lofree Poison wireless speaker combines 1950s aesthetic with 2017 technology

Lofree Poison
Vintage is back in vogue and if you’re in search of nostalgia, you need to look no further than the Lofree Poison. Despite its rather confusing name, this new Kickstarter project is no deadly substance (unless music does something dangerous to you). Rather, the Lofree Poison is a nostalgic speaker that combines old-school design with new-school technology.

Thanks to the two 10-watt processing audio outputs, the sound of the Lofree Poison far outpaces its rather diminutive size. Plus, the speaker comes with a built-in Nuvoton DSP, promising to produce richer and fuller-bodied sound.

On a single charge, the speaker promises up to six hours of CD-quality music, all without the hassle of wires. Or, if you would rather throw things back and transport yourself to days of yore, you can use the Lofree’s physical rotating dial to surf through channels (instead of connecting via Bluetooth to your phone to play Spotify, Pandora, or your music player of choice).

The Lofree Poison Wireless Speaker only made its Kickstarter debut on Wednesday but has already managed to raise more than $50,000, approximately 50 times more than the project’s original goal of $1,279. Thus far, more than 200 backers have expressed interested in the speaker and there are still four weeks remaining in the campaign.

If you are interested in owning one of these wireless speakers, you can pre-order one from Kickstarter for the early-bird price of $65, which the team notes is nearly half off the anticipated retail price. The estimated delivery date for the speaker stands is in September, so you can close out your summer with some nostalgic tunes.

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