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This Bluetooth speaker can stand on its own three feet

The only speaker table you ever want. Bluetooth speaker+ powerbank + table = Mellow
This is one speaker that can really hold its own. Quite literally.

Meet Mellow, a speaker that is also a table, and a very attractive one at that. This unique Bluetooth speaker gives you seven hours of uninterrupted playing time, and also boasts a range of 10 meters, so you can have it play your favorite tunes even if you’re not sitting at the table. So whether you want to jazz up your next party or just add another speaker to the mix for your movie night, Mellow can probably help.

Designed as a tripod table, the Mellow promises a stunning and timeless look that ought to complement just about any home decor. Each of the three legs are made from 100-percent beech wood, while the tabletop is wrapped in a woven micro-fabric for a slightly modern spin. And the interactive buttons of the Mellow are sewn directly into the fabric, so the whole piece looks integrated and elegant.

Not only will Mellow serve as your favorite new speaker, it will also charge your devices. Two USB ports allow for you to power up your various mobile devices, and the team promises that an iPhone 7 will take just three hours to charge with the Mellow.

“When our team first sat down to design and discuss what would eventually become Mellow, we looked to nature’s design for inspiration,” the team noted on its Kickstarter page. “We sought to build a table that was inspired by the beauty found in natural landscapes. We accomplished this by incorporating natural shapes, textures and colors into the design process. Mellow combines the organic feeling of nature with the heart of technology.”

So if you’re looking for a new statement piece in your home that combines form and function, Mellow may be just what you’ve been searching for.

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