MGM Brings Full-Length Content to YouTube

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Online video sharing service YouTube might be best known for amateur videos and short clips, but Google’s effort to monetize the service is luring in more full-length content from major Hollywood studios. Last month, YouTube launched full-length programming from CBS; now, YouTube has told Reuters it will be offering full-length television shows and movies from MGM. The move would make MGM the first studio to offer full-length movies via YouTube.

An official announcement is expected today, but the MGM offerings are expected to follow in the format of CBS programming that has appeared on YouTube, including the original Star Trek series. Shows will likely sport pre-roll advertisements that can’t be skipped, and advertising alongside the shows. It’s not know at this time whether Google will be selling ad space alongside the programming or whether (like CBS) MGM will do its own ad placement. Industry watchers expect that advertising revenue for the shows will be split between the two companies.

MGM plans to launch the partnership with the 1990s version of American Gladiators (spandex spandex spandex!) but also plans to offer action films like Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent Seven. MGM is also home to the James Bond film franchise.