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Check out this smart pet door that you control via your smartphone

microchip pet door connect sureflap
If you’re never quite sure if your precious pet is in or out of the house and you’d really prefer to know, then SureFlap’s smartphone-controlled pet door can help you out.

The new Microchip Pet Door Connect technology is an expansion of SureFlap’s existing smart door that works with RFID-collared and microchipped pets to ensure it only opens for the right animal, TechCrunch reports. The new kit includes a custom-made smartphone app that lets you schedule curfews and remotely lock the door with a single tap, while notifications will let you know when your pet has left the building — or returned home.

The app will also collect and organize data on your animal’s movements in and out of your home, a feature designed to highlight any changes in their routine which could be a sign that all is not well with your furry friend.

In addition, if you’re away for a few days and have a pet sitter staying or dropping by, you can share access to the app and set permissions, too.

Designed for cats and small dogs, the flap itself is easy to install and works via the included hub device, which acts as a link between the flap and the internet.

Commenting on the connected pet door, SureFlap boss Nick Hill said, “We saw an opportunity to bring something new, innovative and beneficial to pet owners. Our app-controlled pet door gives owners greater peace of mind by allowing them to check in on their pets when they’re away from home.”

Hill added that the technology is “nonintrusive and runs seamlessly in the background until it is needed.”

The Microchip Pet Door Connect system is powered by four C batteries that should offer at least six months of use. Shipping is expected to begin this summer, with both the complete set — the door, the hub, and the app — selling for 160 British pounds ($200).

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