Miele stuns KBIS 2019 with wireless probe, self-descaling java pot, and more

Miele rocked KBIS 2019 with wave after wave of new appliance models and features. The annual Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show in Las Vegas is all about product launches, and Miele’s luxury appliance reveal was like New York Fashion Week with a single designer.

From handleless doors to automatic size sensors, precision probes, flush vents, and bean selectors, Miele’s 2019 feature runway was loaded with eye-openers, including the placement of Wi-Fi in places you’d least expect. We’ve noted highlights of Miele’s six new appliance collections below, and we’re looking forward to spending quality time with them shortly. We’ll start with coffee and leave with clean clothes.

New Coffee Systems and Exclusive Coffee Blend

miele appliances kbis 2019 cm5 and cm7 coffeemakers
Coffee fanatics can dive into all the details of Miele’s three new countertop coffee systems and sample the new exclusive Miele Black Edition No. 1 label coffee bean blend. The entry-level CM5300, which launches March 4 for $1,499, includes OneTouch selection for one or two cups, standard brewing control for espresso, long coffee, or café latte.

The Miele flagship model is the CM7750, available this summer for $4,999. The CM7750’s CoffeeSelect function lets you choose between three bean types, which it then grinds quietly with a stainless steel grinder. Automatic sensors detect your (coffee) cup size and engage a self-descaling program when needed. Ten programmable user profiles make the CM7750 a good choice for a small office, where coffee lovers can choose from Coffee Crema, Espresso, Cappuccino, or Latte Macchiato and visitors from Australia and New Zealand can select Long Black or Flat White. Other CM7750 highlights include a heated cup rest area, remote management, and supply replenishment via the Miele mobile app.

Dual Fuel and Gas Ranges

miele appliances kbis 2019 range and builtins
If there’s any question in your mind about choosing a gas or electric range for your next upgrade, take the easy way out with one of Miele’s new Dual Fuel Ranges. Miele also offers induction, all-gas, and all-electric ranges, but for ultimate flexibility when planning the menu for your next dinner party or whipping up a late afternoon snack, go Dual. Simmering is often a challenge for ranges, but the Dual Fuel stacked burner system allows precise temperature control. Miele’s MasterChef and MasterChef Plus programs assist in menu select and oven temperature settings.

The Moisture Plus feature bursts steam to increase humidity while cooking — a bonus when you’re baking — and the Twin Power Convention fans help the oven come to temperature quickly and distribute the heat evenly. Miele’s Wireless Precision Probe has temperature sensors in four locations instead of just a single point in the previous generation. Other notable Dual Fuel Range features include a Speed Oven that combines microwave and convection cooking and a full-width warming drawer.  Miele’s 36-inch and 48-inch Dual Fuel Ranges launch this spring with prices from $7,649 to $15,149.

MasterCool Refrigerators with 35 New Features

miele appliances kbis 2019 mastercool refrigerators
When Miele’s MasterCool refrigerators launch this summer, buyers will be able to choose from 35 new options. Want a 24-inch fridge and a 36-inch freezer? No problem, and how about a wine storage unit to display your favorites and cool unopened bottles as well?

Manage Miele’s Wi-Fi connected MasterCool line remotely with a smartphone app and choose doors with or without handles, in each form opening with the slightest pressure. Miele’s DynaCool counteracts interior heat rises and cooler air falling to maintain a consistent temperature front to back and top to bottom. The MasterCool line will start at $6,295.

ProfiLine Dishwasher – clean dishes in 24 minutes

miele appliances kbis 2019 profiline dishwasher
Why install two lesser dishwashers when Miele’s ProfiLine Dishwasher can cycle a clean load in just 24 minutes? The 24-minute ProSpeed cycle is one of four available; the others are Universal, Sanitize, and China and Crystal. Other shout-out features in the ProfiLine machines include a three-dimensionally adjustable cutlery tray, a protective lower basket for fine china and crystal, and strong LED interior lights.

AutoOpen Drying is a cool feature that automatically releases the dishwasher door to allow superheated air to escape when the cleaning cycle finishes — resulting in fewer water marks on glassware, lower operating costs, and fewer steam baths when you open the door. The Profiline dishwasher sells for $4,099.

Wi-Fi-connected Vents and Hoods

miele appliances kbis 2019 ceiling extractor
Miele showed a new 43-inch kitchen ceiling extractor at KBIS. The extractor can be controlled directly via Wi-Fi or with a mobile app. You can configure the extractor to operate independently, turning on when heat builds up in the kitchen and then shutting down when cooking is finished with a lag time of up to 15 minutes to be sure to remove odors and unwanted residual heat. The extractor’s flat, ceiling mount is an alternative to range hoods and can be installed with vented or recirculation systems. Options include LED lights with dimmers and remote controls. Meile’s ceiling extractor will be available this spring starting at $2,499.

New Classic W1 Washing Machine and T1 Dryer

miele appliances kbis 2019 new classic w1 washing machine and t1 dryer

Miele’s new entry-level appliances, the Classic W1 Washing Machine and T1 Dryer will be available nationwide in April for $1,199 each. The Classic W1 Washing Machine features 12 washing program selections, including (you may want to take a breath) normal, wrinkle-free, delicates, sanitize, handwash, dress shirts, express, dark/denim, extra white, outdoor, proofing, drain/spin, plus extra options for heavy soiled, lightly soiled, pre-wash, and buzzer. The CapDos feature uses one-time capsules with detergent and fabric softener blends formulated for different clothing fabrics and types.

The Classic T1 Dryer uses heat pump technology which cuts energy consumption up to 60 percent and doesn’t require a dryer vent. Twelve drying programs include normal, wrinkle-free, delicates, smoothing, woolens/silks, dress shirts, express, denim, outdoor, proofing, bed linens, and time dry. Additional settings for gentle and dryness settings include extra dry, normal, hand iron, and rotary iron. The T1 Dryer also has an LED drum light and plugs into a 120-volt 15-amp outlet.

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