Monster Unveils Turbine In-Ear Speakers

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High-end cable and audio peripheral manufacturer Monster is getting into the earbud business, formally announcing its Turbine In-Ear Speakers today. The earbuds feature specially-engineered 8mm drivers designed to offer outstanding sonic detail and deep bass, with Monster’s patented Magnetic FlexTube technology and (of course) MicroStrand connectors to ensure outstanding signal transfer. The earbuds have been in development for three years, and were personally designed by "Head Monster" Noel Lee as a way to let true music lovers get everything they want out of their audio with an in-ear headphone design.

"Life is too short to listen to bad headphones," Lee noted in a statement. "Unfortunately, ordinary headphones simply can’t reproduce the deep bass and rich highs of full-size speaker systems. Monster is on a mission to make headphones sound better, and our new Turbine In-Ear Speakers allow people to hear truly remarkable sound from in-ear headphones. Hearing is believing."

The headphones comes with five differently-sized earcaps isolate external noise, and the headphones feature an advanced metal housing designed to minimize vibration.

Monster plans to begin limited production on the Turbine In-Ear Headphones this month, with the units getting to market at a suggested price of $150 per pair.