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Forget the truck rental, this service delivers secondhand furniture to your door

move loot sells and delivers used furniture moveloot living room
We’ve all been there. You see a gorgeous, antique armoire on Craigslist or at the vintage store down the block but realize it would take two street toughs and a truck to lug it back to your apartment. Or you know people who are just selling that entertainment center for cheap so they don’t have to take it with them when they move, but you don’t want to rent a truck, either.

Move Loot wants to make the process of buying used furniture a little easier by combining the service with delivery. It already lets users buy, sell, and trade their secondhand items, but now it’s expanding to let retailers, consignment stores, and manufacturers hawk their wares on the site. Move Loot uses product photos from the sellers and makes sure users see them when they search the website.

“Once it sells one of our team members will pick it up and deliver it to the buyer,” Bill Bobbitt, Move Loot’s co-founder and CEO, tells Furniture Today. “So it’s allowing stores to have a broader audience and have that kind of Amazon/FedEx delivery experience that doesn’t really exist in the large parcel world.”

Move Loot also picks up and cleans the sellers’ furniture, then stores it in its warehouse. The service is aimed at smaller retailers that don’t currently have an e-commerce presence. For example, Move Loot partner Kiwi Vintage in Atlanta doesn’t have an online presence at the moment, so someone hoping to buy a credenza from them would have to go to the physical store. The price of getting their furniture seen by more people is about 30 percent of the sale.

Right now, the service is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh, but the company plans to expand to more cities soon.

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