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The modular Nanoleaf Canvas will light up your entire wall

Most smart lights are more about function than fashion, but Nanoleaf is setting out to change that. At IRA 2018 in Berlin, Germany, the Canada-based company that got its start on Kickstarter introduced the Canvas — a new, modular lighting system designed to turn walls into illuminated murals that light up a whole room.

The latest in the company’s line of unique, customizable lighting systems, the Canvas introduces a square design that can be plastered across a wall and can then light up in any number of ways. Nanoleaf suggests the panels can be used to re-create the look of a sunrise in the morning or create rippling water effects when you brush your hand against the panels.

With its modular design, the Canvas provides users with a nearly infinite number of possibilities to create their own ideal lighting situation. Arrange the panels in any way you see fit, be it by blanketing an entire wall with them or by creating a pattern that will highlight some of the many available lighting effects.

The panels are reactive and will respond to a number of different stimuli. Touch is one way to set off the wall lights, whether it’s turning them on and off with a tap or activating the dynamic animations that the panels are capable of. They also respond to voice commands and have a built-in “Rhythm function” for real-time music visualizations. Just turn on your favorite songs and watch the wall of lights react.

Those familiar with Nanoleaf’s previous products won’t find these features to be much of a surprise. The company specializes in modular lighting fixtures, like the triangular Aurora panels. It also loves to integrate music, as it has in the past with its Rhythm add-on accessory for the Aurora lights.

While much of the draw for the Canvas lights is the special features and stimulating visuals they are capable of producing, Nanoleaf insists there is plenty of function to the panels as well. When you’re looking for some light to focus, Canvas panels can be used to produce white light for office and study spaces. They also feature an edge-lit design and a marble-style finish that offer a modern look even when they are turned off.

Nanoleaf has not yet announced details regarding price or how many panels you’ll get when purchasing the Canvas. (A Canvas predecessor runs $230 for nine light panels.) A pre-order is available now for those interested in the modular lighting solution.

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