Next-Gen DVDs to Boom Despite Format War?

A new report entitled Blu-ray and HD DVD Disc Technologies: Pursuit of a New Standard from the Santa Clara Consulting Group (don’t bother with the Web site unless you need a laugh) makes some pretty bold predictions about the direction of the broad “blue laser” next generation DVD market. Despite the looming format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray, the anticipated sales revenue of next-generation DVD players, game consoles, PC drives, and related media (like games and movies) will exceed $2 billion during 2006, and account for some $28 billion by 2010.

(Yep: $2 billion. This year. 2006.)

“Currently the market seems to be preoccupied with the format battlebetween Blu-ray and HD DVD technologies; what is overlooked is the factthat a market is developing and the opportunity is huge,” observes DavidBunzel, Managing Director of SCCG.

According to SCCG, Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 gaming console