Nimbus is a stationary dashboard for your mobile life

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According to a recent study, the average person checks their phone more than 110 times per day. That’s insane, but kind of unavoidable. If you’re like most people, you use your phone to get updates on just about everything in the world – news, weather, social happenings, traffic, etc – so staying in touch with the things you care about invariably requires you to constantly check up on your phone.

But what if you didn’t have to fire up your phone and navigate to a zillion different apps just to get the information you need? What if all that data you care about could be displayed in the physical world? Good news – it totally can.

nimbusNimbus is a fully-customizable four-panel dashboard you can easily program to show information that’s important to you. No doubt inspired from the dashboard in your car, the device uses an array of speedometer-style gauges to display whatever you want it to – things like how much it’s raining outside, the volume of unread emails in your inbox, traffic congestion on your route to work, the number of steps you’ve taken during the day (via FitBit), and so much more. 

By wirelessly syncing with your smartphone or home WiFi network, Nimbus provides all of this data in real time – thereby eliminating the need to whip out your smartphone six dozen times throughout the day. Out of the box it’s compatible with iPhone 4 or above and Android phones/tablets running version 2.2 (Eclair) or higher.

Nimbus is currently for sale on Quirky for $130.