Online Shows Get Emmy Attention

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is keeping up with the times, creating a new award for “original entertainment programming created specifically for nontraditional viewing platforms” to recognize shows produced exclusively for mobile phones, handhelds, and the Internet. Who knew that pixelated, stuttery stuff you maybe tried to watch once or twice was maybe Emmy-worthy material?

Emmy judges have presented six nominees from a field of 74 contenders, more than any other Emmy category this year. The only real requirement for nomination was that the show not first appear in television or other traditional media.

Peter Price, President and CEO of the National Television Academy, said, “These represent a broad cross section of what is being done in the broadband arena, and the six nominees display outstanding use of the media, including multiple feeds, interactivity and cross-media approaches as well as entertaining video content.”

Without further ado, the “nontraditional platform” nominees are: