This little ball of energy charges your phone without wires

ora pod charges your phone without wires wireless charger ball

When you have to travel, you know that you’ll need a few items to make sure that your mobile devices don’t die, namely a charging cable and wall charger, so you can plug your phone into a power source. Now, one product will slim down this list and let you pack a bit lighter.

Meet the Ora pod. This device is a wall charger without wires, allowing you to charge your mobile products with just an electrical outlet. The Ora pod is a 5W power adapter that works with iOS mobile devices, as well as Android and Windows products that have a micro-USB connection.

Ora Pod Wireless ChargerIts functionality is in its spherical shape, which consists of two concentric parts that move in sequence. Its design allows you to easily cover and uncover the prongs and lightning or USB connector, no plugging or unplugging wires. Its design adjusts to fit cases up to 3.5mm in size, and an embedded light illuminates when a device is charging. The Ora pod also comes in a wide range of colors including gold, sky blue, and hot pink.

There are a couple drawbacks to the device. It looks like it would be hard to charge two devices on the same outlet, which could be a problem if space is scarce. Also, one reason we like our charging cables is that we can still use our phone when it’s charging. It’s not likely we’d crouch at the outlet to send a text message. Its small size does make it an attractive option for trips, though.

The Ora pod is now available for preorder for $40 on the official product website. After the manufacturing process is complete, it will be available for shipping across the U.S. and internationally to Canada, Japan, and Mexico at the end of the year.