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Your pet can sleep on its own smart mattress with Petrics

Petrics smart pet mattress will debut at CES 2018 and go on Indiegogo soon after

You’ve always known that your pet is a member of your family, despite having four legs and being decidedly hairier than others. And now, your pet can sleep like a member of your family, too — on a smart mattress. Meet Petrics, heralded as the world’s first smart pet bed and pet health ecosystem. Slated to launch officially at CES in January 2018, the clever mattress will be launching an Indiegogo campaign early next year.

Created with the mission to help pets live longer, Petrics’ smart bed and companion collar activity tracker keep tabs on an animal’s weight, rest periods, and activity levels. The smart pet bed is also said to feature thermostatic climate control, which ought to help your furry friend stay in his or her optimal comfort level. Plus, this thermo-regulation ensures that pets are kept safe throughout varying climates and seasons. All of Petrics’ tools, of course, can be controlled by way of the Petrics app, and also work with smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and even the Nest.

“Our number one goal is to help pets live longer,” said Ed Hall, CEO of Petrics. “Our system helps pet parents care for their furry best friends by creating a connected ecosystem that tracks, analyzes, and recommends optimal health solutions unique to each pet and ultimately, helps save lives through early detection and intervention.”

Since your pet can’t exactly communicate verbally should they be ill or otherwise incapacitated, having the suite of Petrics tools handy could help you closely monitor an animal’s behavior, noting differences that could be a sign of a deeper problem. Plus, you can make sure that your pet is staying within an optimal weight and temperature range for a specific breed or age. If you keep your pet on a diet, the wearable collar can help track the furball’s caloric burn rate, rest levels, and other health metrics. Best of all, the Petrics system will provide actionable insights by suggesting food and diet recommendations, and by sharing information with your family vet.

The Petrics smart pet bed briefly took to Indiegogo on November 30, but the team has since paused the campaign with plans to launch again in the first quarter of 2018. For folks who have already donated to the Indiegogo campaign, all donations will be returned within three to five business days. “Petrics made this decision because it feels it will provide the most benefit to its devout supports and their beloved pets,” the team told Digital Trends. “The Petrics smart pet bed is expected to be available to consumers in mid-2018 as planned, and the company looks forward to relaunching its Indiegogo campaign in the New Year.”

Update: Petrics pauses its Indiegogo campaign in advance of CES, will relaunch next year. 

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