Pictures: E-Yacht concept

Apparently the wealthy of the world love their yachts, leaving the rest of us to dream of one day owning one, or being on board one, or seeing one , which is, of course, just as good…right?

Aiming to cater to this exclusive clientele, yacht designer Charlie Baker has designed the E-yacht , a 46 meter LOA with 20-meter beam that is over double the size of a traditional beam for a 46-meter yacht. Remarkably, because of the innovative Ramform hull, the E-Yacht has the same efficiency as a vessel with an 8-meter beam, greatly boosting the amount of space left for the interior, and of course more space equals more room to relax. The luxurious yacht also incorporates a diesel-electric propulsion system making it more environmentally friendly than most in its class.

From afar, the E-Yacht appears deceptively small, but upon closer inspection the pure size and grandeur of this super-yacht becomes apparent. With its large frame and spacious deck space, the E-Yacht is clearly designed to impress. It also contains all the luxuries you would expect from a yacht of this scale including a cinema room, spa, gym, jacuzzi, and large duplex master suite with four guest rooms. There is even a large dining room that doubles as a meeting room for when business simply can’t wait. 

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