Pictures: Sovereign 100 meter superyacht comes with custom limo

We’ve all been there before, we go to our local yacht-dealership, bored with the blasé vessels on display. “How in the world am I expected to spend this spare $150 million that is just burning though my wallet!” you exclaim with arms outstretched to the heavens. Well your frustrations will no longer trouble you as the answer to your prayers has arrived in the form of the Sovereign 100 meter long superyacht.

The ambitious folks over at Gray Design say they have designed the Sovereign for royalty, and it shows. Taking cues from automotive design, the Sovereign exhibits a deafening sense of elegance, unbridled luxury, and modernity with a features list as long as a royal title.

The first thing you noticed of the Sovereign is its sleek design with only three decks over the entire length of the yacht. A wind turbine coupled with solar panels covering the roof supplies clean energy  for lighting systems and reserve power. And while this chariot of the seas looks more akin to something out of a James Bond film,  the effort to provide the vessel with a source of renewable energy is commendable. Not to be outdone by other luxury yachts, the Sovereign also boasts an infinity pool with a reinforced glass helipad at the center, guest suites for up to 10 people, and a luxurious owner’s suite. Also included is a cinema, a nightclub, a gym, and a library. And last bust not least, the design for the Sovereign comes with an optional custom limo that parks in the garage of the yacht, no sense in traveling in style on the high seas if you can’t do the same once you have struck land.