Podcasts Grew Fivefold in 2005

A new report from Ireland’s Research and Markets suggests that podcasts aren’t just a technological fad, and should continue to see strong growth, particularly in the United States. By the year 2010, the report estimates podcasting could be reaching between 20 and 80 million people, although estimates for 2006 are closer to 10 million, with perhaps 3 million “active” podcast users who tune in at least once a week.

Does an audience of that size justify marketing dollars? According to Podcasting: Who’s Tuning In?, podcasting’s audience nearly quintupled during 2005, and major advertisers are already investing in podcast-specific product promotion, with an estimated market outlay of $80 million in 2006 alone. Given the strong start, the report forecasts advertising and sponsorship dollars will continue to pour into the medium as its audience grows and becomes more defined.

Kinda makes one hope developers are working on commercial-skipping features for iPods