POV.HD camera offers advanced video for outdoor enthusiasts

pov hd camera offers advanced video for outdoor enthusiasts vio

This HD camera from V.I.O. has a super wide angle lens and is built for the outdoor adventure life. The V.I.O. POV.HD camera ($600) is the most advanced ruggedized HD camera we have seen, with impressive specs, several mounts, in-field editing capability, and a design built to survive a beating. The camera has a 142-degree viewing angle in full 1080p HD and shooting speeds of 60 fps at the (slightly less wide-angle) 720p setting. The POV.HD has several recording modes, including still frames, and the in-field editing includes the ability to tag scenes while recording and compile scenes into highlight reels on the spot. It also offers real-time lens distortion correction, vignetting correction, lens softness correction, exposure metering, and exposure compensation. The camera, which comes with a wireless remote, is shock-, dust-, and water-proof. You can buy several different mounts to attach this thing just about anywhere and record your adventurous exploits. Try not to get hurt on camera, though, because that would be embarrassing.