Predator 92 yacht: Not as threatening as it sounds, but definitely luxurious

predator 92 yacht motor

What’s the best way to beat the summer heat while still enjoying just a bit of tanning? Without being too ferocious on the waters, you can hop on the Predator 92 yacht and speed your way to some seclusion amidst the deep blue sea.

The Predator 92 sports motor yacht, by Sunseeker, lets you enjoy luxurious amenities while cruising at top speed. Capable of zooming at up to 42 knots, the craft can also shift and turn effortlessly. It can also accommodate up to eight passengers plus four crew members.

While the specs are impressive, it’s the interior design that truly earns the wow factor. Offering a glamorous main saloon with white couches, wooden bar, and a path that leads to the outdoor deck, you can enjoy the summer’s heat without actually baking in the sun. Outdoor seating offers reclined, cushioned chairs that can be folded flat when not in use.

A former dining table is also located within the saloon, while the master bedroom offers a flat screen television mounted across the queen size bed with dimmed lighting to set the mood right. The bedroom also has an en suit bathroom with a double sink and a walk-in shower, all trimmed with sleek silver frames. For other guests on board, accommodation options also a smaller queen size bedroom and a double twin bed cabin.

Of course, once you’ve cruised to your desired spot on the waters, the Predator 92 also offers water sports activities such as water skis and diving equipments set on board. In love with the combination of thrills and luxury? So are we, but you’ll have to hold on to your hats for availability information on the Predator 92. Sunseeker is still working to make this concept into reality, so in the mean time you can also check out the grander Predator 115 and or the more modest Predator 84 to spice up your summer.