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The Prepd Pack lunchbox will do everything but make your lunch

If you’re like me, you often find yourself eating junk at lunchtime. A company called Prepd has something called Prepd Pack, which just might be what the doctor ordered.

The concept of Prepd Pack was conceived last January and it just launched on Kickstarter as the lunchbox reimagined. It starts with a simple box made of premium materials. It also comes with four removable modular containers that are leak free, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. These containers stack easily in the fridge making it easy to organize your meals for the week. You’ll also get an eating mat that’s hygenic and easy to clean. Lastly, a set of magnetic cutlery consisting of a fork, knife, and spoon are also included.

The box and accessories are only one part of the story. The Prepd Pack companion app is what makes this lunchbox so different. The app uses “meal preppers” to help you create meal plans that allow you to batch cook them for the week. According to the campaign, you can make one week’s worth of lunches in less than an hour. You can also create your own recipes and share them with other users.

The app will also track your calories and it can connect to Health Kit on iOS. This means that you can also see your fitness information in addition to your dietary information. The Prepd Pack app will be available on both Android and iOS devices, however Android users won’t be able to utilize the Health Kit features.

Prepd Pack is eco-friendly in that you won’t be throwing out packaging from takeout restaurants. It’s also manufactuered from high quality recycled and sustainable materials.

There are a wide variety of options for pledging. The cost for one Prepd Pack is $50, which includes one box, one set of containers, and one set of cutlery. The expected retail is $70. If you want extra containers for batch meal prepping, they are offering $65 and $80 packages, which consists of two and three sets of containers respectively. Couples can save $5 by grabbing the couples pack, which consists of two Prepd Packs for $95. If you have a family four, you can grab a 4 pack for $165.

Prepd expects to ship its first Prepd Packs in June, assuming the goal of $25,000 is reached. That appears to be very likely since the campaign already has over $17,000 in pledges with 37 days to go.

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