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Robert Nazarian

Robert Nazarian

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Robert Nazarian became a technology enthusiast when his parents bought him a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color. Now his biggest passion is mobile, especially Android. When he’s not writing he enjoys movies, sports, and playing with his 6 year old.

nexus 6p problems google phone android marshmellow 2

5 annoying Nexus 6P problems, and how to fix them

Have an issue with your Nexus 6P, we have compiled a list of the most common problems and how to fix them. Workarounds and solutions are here.
target pay mobile payment news shop building headquarters mall

Look out, Apple Pay and Android Pay — here comes Target Pay

Sources familiar with the matter say that Target is developing is own mobile payment solution to compete with Apple, Android, and Samsung.
verizon withdraw yahoo store

Verizon withdraws the lightest of its monthly prepaid plans

Prepaid customers on Verizon Wireless will no longer have a $30 or $15 option.
how to install ota updates on google nexus devices version 1462955628 android marshmallow 02

How to download and install the Android Marshmallow OTA update on Nexus devices

Waiting for the latest updates can be a real drag. Here's how to download and manually install over-the-air Android updates for various Nexus devices.

If you’ve got $700 to spend, you can now buy the rose gold plated Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is a very attractive Android Wear smartwatch with a round face. Here's everything you need to know about the device.
amazon oscars jeff bezos netflix hbo

The answer to why Amazon shunned Apple TV and Chromecast only creates more questions

In a recent interview, Jeff Bezos tried to explain why Amazon removed Apple TV and Chromecast and why the Prime Video app isn't available on either device.
wyper app news car lot 123rf 5121041 ml

But will the car swipe back? Wyper uses Tinder approach to match people and cars

Buying a car is like finding the right mate. Wyper uses the same features as the Tinder dating app to find you the perfect match.
oppo foldable phone news leaked smartphone 01

This foldable phone from Oppo will get you excited for flip phones again

Oppo has been rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone since August 2015. It runs Android and has a 7-inch display that can fold in half.
google duo app news 01

Well that’s not creepy: Google Duo lets you peep at callers before you answer

Google introduced a new video calling app at Google I/O 2-16 called Duo.
chase bank eatm fraud news smartphone banking app password 123rf 26463673 ml

Say goodbye to passwords on Android: Trust API could launch by the end of the year

The Trust API was created under Google's Project Abacus to end the need to enter passwords for Android apps.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung’s new approach is not only refreshing, it’s paying off big time

Samsung streamlined its smartphone portfolio and put quality over specs and it has paid off.
apple 2016 first quarter iphone 6s plus review camera

Sprint offers BOGO on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, knocks $200 off iPads

Sprints kicks off the summer with a buy one, get one free offer on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.
firechat alerts app news tornado 123rf 9241431 ml

In the middle of a zombie apocalypse? You’ll still get emergency alerts with this app

The FireChat Alerts app allows emergency alerts to be received by all smartphones in a local area, even when there is no cellular or internet connection.
garmin vivosmart hrplus news hr

Garmin’s Vivosmart HR+ amps up your workout with GPS and heart rate tracking

Garmin's Vivosmart HR+ a GPS, additional running data, and Garmin Move IQ auto activity detection, which the Vivosmart HR lacks.
sprint 5g network 2019 building sign logo headquarters hq store

Are you a data hog? Then Sprint wants to give you a free year of Amazon Prime

Sign up for Sprint's Better Choice XXL plan and get 12 months of Amazon Prime for free.
lg action cam lte news 01

The LG Action Cam LTE is like a GoPro on steroids

The LG Action Cam LTE is like a GoPro, but it has the ability to stream video directly to YouTube Live.
samsung focus news unpacked august 13  the note 5 and galaxy s6 plus expected

Samsung rumored to be working on a BlackBerry Hub-like app called Samsung Focus

Rumor has it that Samsung will offer something similar to the BlackBerry Hub called Samsung Focus. It could debut on the Galaxy Note 6.
wireless emergency alert augmentation smartphone user

Millions of Android phones with Qualcomm chips are at risk: How to protect yourself

A new security threat involving Android phones powered by Qualcomm gives hackers the ability to read your SMS messages and look at phone records.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Apple’s streak ends as Samsung seizes U.S. smartphone crown for March

After leading the smartphone market share in the U.S. for 11 straight months, Apple gave up the top spot to Samsung in March.
tmobile deatth star chrome extension news t mobile may the fourth legere lightsaber featured

This Star Wars Day, join the Un-carrier rebellion and fight ‘The DeATTh Star’

T-Mobile celebrates Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, with new Chrome Extension called The DeATTh Star to mock AT&T.
An iPhone being repaired.

Believe it or not, Dish Network wants to fix your broken iPhone

Dish Network will now send a technician to your location to repair a screen or replace a battery on your smartphone.
microsoft pre touch display news

Apple’s 3D Touch is so last year, Microsoft is working on something even cooler

Microsoft Research is developing pre-touch display technology that can sense the approach of your fingers in order to adapt the interface.

Suffering from app drawer withdrawal on your LG G5? Here’s how to get it back

The LG G5 has no app drawer, but the company issued an update. You can now bring it back by following these simple steps.
android cyber police ransomware news nearly a billion phones could be hackable with single text message

Cyber Police ransomware can lock your Android device and ask for payment

Ransomware called Cyber Police can affect over 500 million Android devices worldwide. The hacker locks your device and demands a "ransom" to unlock it.
zte v7 max a910 news 01 featured

The ZTE V7 Max and A910 Android phones offer solid specs with competitive pricing

ZTE quietly launched the V7 Max and A910. The V7 Max is a premium phone that's competitively priced, while the A910 is for those on a budget.
iPhone Passcode

60 Minutes asked a security firm to hack an iPhone, and the result is disturbing

In an experiment done by 60 Minutes, security experts in Berlin were able to hack Congressman Peter Lieu's iPhone using only his phone number.
htc 10 news 1700

The HTC 10 has an amazing camera, and shares the top spot with the Galaxy S7 Edge

Popular camera review site, DxOMark, says the camera on the HTC 10 is just as good as the Galaxy S7 Edge. They share the top spot.
twitter periscope link live stream

One of Snapchat’s most popular features is coming to Periscope

Periscope confirmed that its testing a new Sketching feature that lets broadcasters doodle on live streams.
blackberry priv verizon update ces 2016

Everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Priv Android phone

Here are all the specs, pricing, and availability info about the BlackBerry Priv. Sprint just said it will not carry the device.
BlackBery Priv

BlackBerry admits the Priv was too pricey, will release two mid-range models

After admitting the BlackBerry Price was too high end, CEO John Chen revealed the company would release two mid-range Android handsets in 2016.
top tech stories of the week 10 4 15 looking at phone shutterstock 281039135

Sunrise features come to Outlook with Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist integration

The Outlook app on iOS and Android can now read event information, notes, and to-dos from Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist.
A T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile’s Spring Break promo has data going wild, two-line deal starts tomorrow

For a limited time, T-Mobile is offering two lines with unlimited minutes and text, along with 12GB (6GB each) of data, for only $80 per month.
samsung smart contact lens news gear blink

Samsung’s next wearable could be a smart contact lens called Gear Blink

Samsung might be working on a smart contact lens dubbed Gear Blink. It connects to a smartphone and has a tiny display and camera.
A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.

Buy an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone at T-Mobile and get up to 50 percent off a tablet

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 100 services for Binge On and Music Freedom, T-Mobile is giving you a chance to get a tablet at up to 50 percent off.